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Atmosphere | Careers | Tap Mobile

Why Tap - Ofir Krisspel The special thing about Tap Mobile is that we do things that we like and that actually matter. Surround yourself with people who challenge you and push your journey forward with everything you do. When you work smart and try hard enough, you can accomplish anything. Why Tap? Ofir Krisspel | Tap Mobile Ofir Krisspel CEO
Elad Finish | Tap Mobile

Elad Finish

Android Developer

“I contributed to developing and publishing our app Lensy from scratch by utilizing the latest methodologies in Kotlin utilizing RoomDB, Tensorflow and OpenCV.”

Tal Riftin | Tap Mobile

Tal Riftin

UI/UX Designer

“I assisted in increasing TapScanner’s installs from 10 to 60 Million by applying A/B tests, implementing a whole new design, new icons, brand book and user testing.”

Ellie Bleiberg | Tap Mobile

Ellie Bleiberg

Product Manager

“I helped grow the conversion rate of subscribers in our Selfix photo editor app by 200% on iOS by adopting new analytics platforms as well as utilizing insights from A/B tests and user interviews.”